Here you can get answers to your questions, as well as contact our employees.

For any questions, please contact us by e-mail: [email protected]

If you are already our customer, please contact our support team. The support team is available around the clock and ready to provide the technical support you need to make your website successful. To submit a support request, please log into our customer portal.



We do offer migration services! Most of the time for a single site / cPanel account that is offered for free. Larger or more complex migrations may require some cost. Our migration team will be happy to assist with site migration issues.

Once the hosting plan has been ordered, the migration can be requested directly from our client portal.

Our managed services provide a stable environment for website development. We handle server side customization and ongoing maintenance. We are here and would be happy to help with any server configuration issues that interfere with normal web development.

Unmanaged services are intended for customers who are familiar with system administration.
This will provide an empty server and administrative "root" access. With this level of access, clients can customize the server according to their needs. Our support is limited to the physical server and network. Any configuration issues should be resolved by the client.

You can change your billing cycle at any time by contacting our billing department and specifying your preferred billing time. We can either issue you a prorated invoice to extend the existing cycle, or we can simply change the deadline and the new rate will be reflected in your next scheduled invoice.

We are required to comply with tax regulations in certain regions, including but not limited to the United States (sales tax), India (GST), and EU member states (VAT). If you see tax on your invoice, it means that your address belongs to one of these locations where we collect tax.

You can cancel your service at any time through the customer area. Any refunds due will be processed automatically in accordance with our Returns and billing policies.

Yes! Domain transfer will move the actual domain registration from the other company to us. Thus, you can manage hosting and domain registration directly from our client portal. Migration involves actually moving website content to a new account on our network.

We offer a 14-day grace period for payment of bills before a related service is suspended due to non-payment. This 14-day period starts on the invoice date, not the invoice date.

Once the hosting plan has been ordered, the migration can be requested directly from our client portal.

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